NUTRILITE® DOUBLE X® Vitamin/ Mineral/ Phytonutrient


Nutrilite DOUBLE X Vitamins is designed around a simple nutritional principle:

To provide an essential nutritional foundation for people who understand the many benefits provided by vitamins, minerals, and plant concentrates (phytonutrients).


Product Benefits

People depend on DOUBLE X Vitamins because of its sound nutritional basis:

  • DOUBLE X Vitamins are power-packed with vitamins, minerals, and plant concentrates, supporting your active and healthy lifestyle.
  • DOUBLE X Vitamins have phytonutrients with antioxidant protection, targeting key groups of cell-damaging free radicals.

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NUTRILITE®  DOUBLE X®  Vitamin/Mineral/Phytonutrient Supplement

Double X provides your body with the nutrition most people don’t get from diet alone – with 22 essential vitamins and minerals, most at well over the recommended daily value, plus 20 plant concentrates. That’s over 700 mg of phytonutrients from plants including lycopene and isothiocyanate to support energy production and fight free radicals, lutein to support your eyes, plus many more – all harvested from natural whole foods like grapes, tomatoes, and spinach – giving DOUBLE X more phytonutrients than any other multivitamin out there.

DOUBLE X Supplement also unlocks the natural energy in your body and the energy you get from food, with more B6 and B12 vitamins than Centrum Performance® and One-a-Day Active® combined. So get more, and let DOUBLE X help you live a full, healthy, active life!


If you:

• believe there is value in natural, pure, ingredients,

• want to stay healthy for your family, and you already take vitamins and supplements as a preventive measure against health risks, or

• have a busy life that requires all-day energy,

DOUBLE X is for you!

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