Legacy of Clean™ Fabric Softener, Floral scent




This concentrated formula will soften up to 50 loads.

Fragranced using natural essential oils for a garden-fresh scent. Safe for High-Efficiency Washing Machines.





Clothes with more softness and life; it’s a wonderful feeling. LEGACY OF CLEAN Fabric Softener has a naturally sourced softener that makes clothes feel plush, smell great, and helps extend wear time. All without phosphates and irritation. And that’s a concept everyone can cozy up to.

  • Fabric Softener leaves clothes snuggly-soft and static-free.
  • Softening comes from natural sources, not harsh chemicals.
  • Concentrated formula means more loads per bottle.
  • Rinses clean in all water temperatures, even in cold water.
  • Safe for all washable fabrics.
  • Dermatologist-tested.
  • No phosphates or other unpleasant ingredients that could harm the environment.
  • Safe and effective in all washers, even HE.

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