Legacy of Clean™ Kitchen All-Purpose Cleaner




One spray fits all – surfaces that is. This ready-to-use spray beats grease, dirt, and grime in one shot without leaving harmful chemicals or streaks behind. No rinsing required. Refreshing citrus scent.




Spray away soil, grease, and grime with one shot. Leaves surfaces cleaner, without the noxious effects of harsh irritants. Refreshing citrus scent. So safe, no rinsing is required. Recyclable spray bottle.

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Great for use on all non-porous washable kitchen surfaces & washable household surfaces beyond the kitchen, including counter tops (laminate, solid-surface, & sealed granite), stove tops, range hoods, refrigerators (inside & out), microwave ovens, dishwasher doors, toasters, sinks & faucets, spills on vinyl or ceramic tile floors, etc… NOT intended for use on marble, unsealed granite or other natural stone surfaces (those are porous surfaces).

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