XS® Energy Drink Variety Case



Mix it up with a variety of XS flavors all in one case!

You’ll find the powerful blast of energy and flavor you need to reach your limit and go beyond – at the gym, at work, or at home – in every one of XS Energy Drinks’ tantalizing flavors.



Product Benefits

The XS Energy Drink Mixed Case contains:

    • Black Cherry Cola Blast
    • Black Cherry Cola Blast
    • Cherry Blast
    • Citrus Blast
    • Cola Blast (2)
    • Cranberry-Grape Blast
    • Caffeine-free Cranberry-Grape Blast
    • Electric Lemon Blast
    • Wildberry Blast
    • Rootbeer Blast
    • Tropical Blast
    • Caffeine-free Tropical Blast
    • Perfect for people who want a powerful energy punch without sugar, empty carbs, or excess calories!
    • Kosher certified
    • If this product is purchased in a state with a deposit law, the amount of deposit will be added to your cost.

xs-energy-drinkFind more about Energy Drink Variety Case

XS Energy Drinks provide a proprietary formula of herbs, vitamins, key amino acids, and folic acids. They contain no sugar, 0–2 grams of carbs, and only 8–16 calories* per can. The XS Energy Drink Variety Case contains our most popular flavors.

*Amounts vary by flavor. The 8 calories and 0 carbs are directly applicable to the 8.4 oz XS Black Cherry Cola and Wild Berry.

Enjoy up to two XS Energy products to stay energized and focused daily.